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Bowls Director’s Report – May 2022
Firstly I want to congratulate the organizers of the 50th Anniversary Celebration dinner, it was a great night and wonderful to see so many people back in the club on a weekend night. Well done to the organizers and the club staff.
I am still gathering information about the cost of submitting a DA to get lightning approved. I am waiting on the return of an estimate from an electrical engineer of the cost of a lighting plan. New grants have just been advertised by the Office of Sport and the first criteria that needs to be met is “An existing, approved DA”.
The current lighting on the top green is in a woeful state. On Wednesday evening 17th May we had 36 people bowling on the top green with only three of eight lights functioning. Getting the existing lighting fixed has to be the top priority for bowls at the moment. It is getting to the stage where dark colour bowls find places to hide.
The first Ladies Gala day to be held at the club for two years will be held tomorrow, weather permitting. The organisation is all in place, only the weather will stop it going ahead. Eighty lady bowlers will be here until after lunch, it should be a great day.
The first interclub visit to our club for two years, will take place, again weather permitting, on Sunday 19th June. Lismore Workers Club, Bowls Club will be bringing over a busload of 30 people to visit and play bowls. This coincides with our Brekky Bowls morning for June so it should be a great morning. We are looking to have 30 of our own bowlers to play against them.
On behalf of bowls members, I would like to move, or support the movement of Stu Pratt’s proposed budget for the GoBo day to be held in October
Ray Linabury
Bowls Director